Friday, July 4, 2014

Festive Fourth!

 I wanted to try something a bit different this year for the Fourth, and these...sorta kinda came out how I envisioned? Photos certainly highlight their faults, but in person I love 'em!
 I started by laying down two layers of China Glaze Eyes Like Sapphires on all nails except my middle nail. For that I used China Glaze White on White. I added a curved white section to my index and ring nails with the same white, and then let all of that dry.

I sponged on a touch of Nicole by OPI I Sea You And Raise You to the base and tips of the striped flag sections to give it a bit more depth. The red stripes were done with a striping brush and ORLY Red Flare topped with Revlon Spidey Sense for a bit more sparkle.
 Next, I used the KISS Silver nail art striper to add a little silver detail to the outside of the stripes, followed by loosely painting in various sized stars along the tips of those three nails. Because they clearly weren't bold enough, I dragged out the nails studs and glitter. I used silver studs on the outside corner of both thumb and pinkie, and plastic diamond star studs on my index and ring nails. I also used star shaped glitter on my thumb and pinkie, as they were looking lonely.

Now I'm all set for fireworks!
 Colors Used:
China Glaze Eyes Like Sapphires
China Glaze White on White
 Nicole by OPI I Sea You And Raise You
ORLY Red Flare
Revlon Spidey Sense 
KISS Silver nail art

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