Wednesday, January 8, 2014


 I really like how these turned out! I decided to try matching a piece of lumpy turquoise I had in my collection.
 I began with two coats of ORLY Viridian Vinyl. I really love that polish, and I love the matte quality. I was almost sad to start on the next step!
 Rather than using polish, I decided to go the lazy route and just doodle with a sharpie. I was rather pleasantly surprised that the reddish overtones on the sharpie disappeared once I added topcoat! Some of the photos were taken prior to topcoat, and the difference is surprising!

 To finish the shading, I first added highlights of NYC Cool Breeze, which is a light robin's egg blue. For a last highlight, I diluted a touch of NYC Pinstripe White in acetone and touched that to some sections.

 Colors Used:
ORLY Viridian Vinyl
 NYC Cool Breeze
 NYC Pinstripe White

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