Wednesday, June 11, 2014


 I've taken my first steps into the indie polish realm after seeing all of the amazingness that is out there. It probably helps that I'm in love with both linear holo polish and thermal polish, two things that indie brands seem to be doing extraordinarily well.
I recently purchased two thermal polishes from Daily Hues Lacquer, and they are amazing! These are my first thermal jellies, and I am in love with how responsive they are to temperature change compared to cremes. Even in summer, if I touched something cool the tips of my nails would stay purple for a long time! I love the effect of going from bright blue when warm to deep purple when cool.

These are Daily Hues Nelle (solid jelly) and Daily Hues Priya. (Jelly with glitter). I loved the color so much, I couldn't decide between them! Priya has an amazing amount and variety of glitter, and after a proper bottle shake it wasn't difficult to get the glitter out.

Being jellies, these did take four to five coats to cover my nail line. Extra layers just helped with the depth of the jelly sandwich for Priya, though!

 Just because I wanted some extra thermal fun, I stamped a design from Pueen plate 46 using Dance Legend Termo Trio No.1. Because the stamping transferred such a thin layer, it changed incredibly fast and was hard to capture on camera. However, it went from appearing dark blue, to lavender, to light sky blue as it warmed.
 Keep reading for more photo overload!

 I love how certain glitters have more effect as the color changes, it's so fun!
 Colors Used:
Daily Hues Nelle
Daily Hues Priya
Dance Legend Termo Trio No. 1
Pueen plate 46

 Daily Hues Nail Lacquer is available here and I definitely recommend it!

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