Monday, April 7, 2014

Day 7: Black and White

 I might have gone a tad bit overboard with this prompt, but I was in the mood to play around with different designs! It turned into a medley of different finishes and textures, and stood up rather well through a full day of work!
 I am trying to spread the love to some more of my lesser-used polish, so I started with two coats of Ciaté Chalkboard Paint, a lovely black matte polish. Next, I attempted a criss cross pattern on my thumb and middle finger. I used Milani White Canvas, which is a striper polish, to lay down parallel white lines. I then crossed that with Milani Black Sketch, another nail art striper.  To add another contrast to the mixI used a striper brush and China Glaze Bump in the Night to give the black stripes a lovely texture.
 For my index and pinkie fingers, I first put down two crossing lines of Milani Blank Canvas, then added two stripes of Milani Black Sketch directly above them. Once that was dry, I added a light coat of Salon Perfect Touchy Feely, which is a black and white matte microglitter.

I went a little crazy on my ring finger. I used some black and silver caviar beads from a kit I snagged at Icing, and placed silver beads in rows on my nail. I then placed black beads in a crossing pattern in between the silver rows, but the topcoat obscured that effect a little. Considering how much was on that nail, I was surprised that it didn't feel heavy or bulky all day!
Colors Used:
Ciaté Chalkboard Paint
Milani White Canvas
Milani Black Sketch
China Glaze Bump in the Night
Salon Perfect Touchy Feely

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