Sunday, April 6, 2014

Day 6: Purple Posies

 I have been wanting to play with this idea ever since I saw that the spring polish 'trend' was for super sheer jellies. I found really cute shaped hole punches that were a good size for nail art, so the little flowers are actually regular white paper from my sketchbook!
 I thought about layering up with jelly alone, but these jellies are just too thin. So I started with two coats of Ulta Devious, a deep plum purple. Next, I used the hole punch on my white sketchbook paper to get six flower shapes. I thought about using thinner printer paper, but I was afraid that the colors would bleed through. After placing one shape, I added two coats of OPI Don't Violet Me Down, one of the new sheer tints. I followed that with another flower, and another coat of the sheer purple. The last flower I left white. I really like the gradient effect, and I think it's more apparent in person than these photos show.
 For my remaining nails, I added SpaRitual Opaline Luminary. I love flakie topcoats, and this one is a very nice purple-gold duochrome. It is a matte flakie, but I did add a topcoat this time. It's gorgeous and shimmery either way!
Colors Used:
Ulta Devious
 OPI Don't Violet Me Down
SpaRitual Opaline Luminary

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