Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day 1: Red as a Rose

 Starting Day 1 of another 31 Day Challenge, this time with my awesome friends at Nail Polish Queens. Woohoo! Just as I was itching to do another 31 Day, too! Today's theme of course is red. I don't wear a lot of red nail polish, I guess because I always lean toward blues. I was at a bit of a loss as to what I wanted to do, then I found this cute pattern and had to try to recreate it:
I started with L'Oreal Devil Wears Red on my index and pinkie fingers, and OPI Alpine Snow on my thumb, middle, and ring nails. Next, I took a dotting tool and started randomly adding circular blobs in Revlon Raisin Rage (dark berry red creme), ORLY Revere (yellow-orange), and Sephora by OPI High Maintenance (bright red).
Next, I used a thin brush to add thin white lines inside every rose. Up close it looks a little chaotic, but I love the effect at a distance! I also painted a rose in white on my index and pinkie finger, then added a few touches of Raisin Rage and Revere to give those nails a bit more color.
 And at the very last, I added little metal 'nailhead' studs to each finger. These were actually craft supplies from a craft store, but I love how they're the perfect size and this lovely rose-gold not-quite-copper color.
Colors Used:
L'Oreal Devil Wears Red
 OPI Alpine Snow
 Revlon Raisin Rage
ORLY Revere
Sephora by OPI High Maintenance

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