Saturday, April 12, 2014

Day 11: Dots!

 Quick and easy dots this time around, because it was just time to take a fun day. Whee!
 I love this blue. It's so vivid and shiny, and if I had to point at a color on a chart, this would probably be what I would point to as 'the perfect blue.' SpaRitual Navigate is my new best friend.
 Of course, I did have to stop loving just the solid polish swatch and actually do some nail art for today. I started with OPI Blue Chips, which is a gorgeous blue jelly packed with holographic sparkle. I snagged this at TJ Maxx, and I can't find anything online about this polish! I think it may be an unreleased polish. It's really pretty - reminds me of a slightly lighter, slightly less intense Zoya Dream. I'll just have to swatch it soon!

Anywho, back to the design. I dotted on Blue Chips in a diamond of four points at the tip of each nail, then added three dots of ORLY White Tips to either side. On my ring nail I followed this pattern up to cover the nail.
Colors Used:
SpaRitual Navigate
OPI Blue Chips
ORLY White Tips

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