Thursday, September 19, 2013

Koi Pond

 I was feeling rather uninspired, so I asked Garnet of The Nail Rainbow for a challenge. She suggested that I do koi pond nails! Of course I had to give it a go!
 I started out with a base of SpaRitual Osmium, which is a deep navy blue jelly. It took three coats to build to opacity, but I rather like it! After that was dry, I roughed out the fish shapes in Sinful Colors Snow Me White. I added eyes to each fish using a toothpick and a small amount of Sinful Colors Black on Black. Using a small brush, I added translucent shimmery fins in Revlon Powder Puff.
 I then did an image search and pulled up tons of different koi photos. I tried to use a variety of different koi patterns, though I'm not familiar enough with koi to know all of the proper names for each pattern. I used a variety of polishes - Revlon Tangerine (light orange), Sinful Colors Cloud 9 (mid orange), SpaRitual Enlightened Soul (Yellow), OPI Call Me Gwen-ever (Coral-orange?), ORLY Red Flare (red), and Sinful Colors Black on Black.
 I then added some Sinful Colors Exotic Green lily pads to the koi pond, but I tried to keep them subtle to let the fish pop out. As a last touch, I watered down SpaRitual Osmium and brushed it across the tails of each fish, to give them underwater depth.
Colors Used:
SpaRitual Osmium
 Sinful Colors Snow Me White
 Sinful Colors Black on Black
 Revlon Powder Puff
 Revlon Tangerine
 Sinful Colors Cloud 9 
 SpaRitual Enlightened Soul
 OPI Call Me Gwen-ever
 ORLY Red Flare
Sinful Colors Exotic Green

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