Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Braid

 Many apologies for the extended hiatus! I've been busy preparing to move apartments, and there never seemed to be time to crop and post nail photos! I've still been doing nail art, so prepare for lots of catching up!

For these nails, I was trying to do fishtail braiding for the first time. I decided to also do it with textured polish because I may be crazy, heh! It probably would have been easier to use regular polishes, but using textures wasn't too challenging. 
 I started with a base of Sally Hansen Sugar Fix on my index and pinky nails, and Sally Hansen Lick-o-Rich on my thumb, middle, and ring nails. I then used Halloween-y colors for my braid attempt. The orange was the lovely Zoya Dhara, and the purple was Sally Hansen Gummy Grape.

On my right hand I decided to get adventurous. On my 'white' nails I bordered the orange with black, and on my 'black' nails I bordered the orange in white. I like the effect, but the simpler un-bordered design is still my favorite.

Colors Used:
Sally Hansen Sugar Fix
Sally Hansen Lick-o-Rich
Zoya Dhara
Sally Hansen Gummy Grape

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