Saturday, March 1, 2014

Textured Tips

 This manicure was actually a combination of happy accidents! It wasn't what I had originally intended, but I actually ended up loving it.
 I picked up Revlon Leather Skinnies out of the new Leather & Tweed collection because it looked like a nice light periwinkle blue. I assumed it would most likely just be matte 'leather', but was amazed to find that 1) it was nearly a one-coat polish and 2) it was textured! I really like its fine texture. On the nail it ended up a little darker than in the bottle.
 Originally I was going to use Leather Skinnies as a base for some fan brush nails, but I ended up running out of time before work. So I snagged Zoya Nyx since they looked to be in the same family of blue, and proceeded to quickly add sparkly tips and accent nail. I think the fact that they're pretty much the same shade of blue-grey makes the sparkle-matte contrast so fun!
Colors Used:
Revlon Leather Skinnies
Zoya Nyx 

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