Thursday, March 20, 2014

Vertical Vertigo

 Now that my polish collection spreadsheet is mostly done, I decided that if I'm ever stumped for an idea for nail art I am going to let the whims of random number generators decide what polish I should use. Sounds like a great way to get me out of ruts and make sure I actually try all of my polish at least once!

And then of course the random number gods decided I should use a dark silver magnetic polish. Haha! I do like the dark gunmetal silver color, but I was stumped as to how I was going to artify over the magnetic. Revlon Starry Eyed is a pretty yet 'grainy' dark metallic silver, and as far as magnetic polishes go it's a pretty weak transformation. However, coverage is great! This is two easy coats.

I found my inspiration when I started thinking vertically. I painted half of each nail with two coats of ORLY Charged Up. I was originally going to do a silver stripe down the center, but I used a bright fuchsia piece of striping tape when blocking in the color and fell in love with the effect.
 I grabbed my trusty striper brush and a bottle of OPI DS Extravagance. I painted a stripe down the center of each nail. I love that effect! It still wasn't fancy enough, so I snagged Pueen stamping plate 33 and Milani Silver Stilettos (a bright silver) to add a design to the purple half.
 After all of my painterly fun, it was a nice break to do something shiny and bold that looks good at a distance. Of course, all these photos were taken after a good five hours of wear, so most of the magnetic effect had faded. Even still, the dark gray color is really pretty.
Colors Used:
Revlon Starry Eyed
 ORLY Charged Up
Milani Silver Stilettos
OPI DS Extravagance
Pueen Plate 33

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