Friday, March 6, 2015

Fly By Night

 Trying to give some love to some of my long list of unused polish! The random number generator chose a black crackle polish for me, Revlon Fly By Night. I paired this with the chrome Sally Hansen Purple Alloy. The different quality of the super chrome polish means that the crackle effect normally wouldn't work as well, so I topped it with a clear coat of polish before applying the crackle. For a little extra pizazz, I topped it with ORLY Shine On Crazy Diamond. Everything works with super bright scattered holo glitter!
 Revlon Fly By Night is a very good crackle polish! I love it when the spacing of the cracks turns out uniformly on the first try. I know crackle polishes are not really in fashion, but they're still fun for me!
 Colors Used:
 Revlon Fly By Night
  Sally Hansen Purple Alloy
 ORLY Shine On Crazy Diamond

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