Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Cake is a Lie

 The challenge of the week was 'cakes', so of course I went the geeky route with Portal references. This is one of those designs that looked okay on my hand but didn't translate as well to photographs. Still fun, though!
 To give the nails a bit of a grungy effect, I started with Sinful Colors Cool Gray and sponged on some OPI Alpine Snow. It resulted in a bit of a dirty/textured white that I rather like. For my thumbnail, I did a companion cube. I probably should have stuck with a straight-on perspective instead of the corner view, but it was fun to paint! The different shades of the box were done with more Cool Gray mixed with a little Wet n Wild Black Creme. The heart was painted in CQ Pink Folle.
 Since I wanted a bit more control with the black, I did both my index and middle finger with acrylic paint. If you can't read it, my index finger says "The cake is a lie" and has a smudgy hand print on the top and five tally marks at the tip.

My ring finger was done with a base of Seche Astute, a dark brown. Frosting highlights were done with some Wet n Wild Wet Cement, which is a mid-tone greyish brown. The cherries were painted with Sephora by OPI High Maintenance. Lastly, I used more High Maintenance for the turret's eye on my pinkie.

Now I really want to play more Portal!
Colors Used:
Sinful Colors Cool Gray
OPI Alpine Snow
Wet n Wild Black Creme
Wet n Wild Wet Cement
CQ Pink Folle
Seche Astute
Sephora by OPI High Maintenance

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