Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Pi Day!

 Gotta celebrate Pi Day with some Pie! Sorry for the late post, but I'm almost caught up at least! These of course were my Pi Day nails for the 14th. I'm not entirely happy with them, but maybe I'll revisit and improve on the concept next year!
 My idea was to have pies with slices taken out at different areas and then have the digits of Pi overlayed on those spots. To begin, I started with ORLY Dare to Bare. I sketched out a rough basketweave pattern for the pie crust, then filled in sectors with Sally Hansen Cinnamon. The spaces between the crust weave were filled with Essie Hip-anema to represent the cherry filling. To make it look nice and juicy, I added some shading with NYC Velvet Rope. Highlights were added with just a tiny dot of white acrylic paint.
 The numbers were painted by hand with white acrylic paint. I used small amounts of more Sally Hansen Cinnamon to give definition to the crust, and then added some Revlon Socialite to add a golden-brown shimmery color.
Colors Used:
ORLY Dare to Bare
Sally Hansen Cinnamon
Essie Hip-anema
NYC Velvet Rope
Revlon Socialite

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