Friday, March 27, 2015

Glitter Everywhere!

 Glitter placement is time consuming, but I love it! It's kind of relaxing when you get in the rhythm of it. And I love the super shiny effect!
 For this, since I knew I was going to do full coverage I didn't want to exhaust my reserves of solvent-resistant glitter. So I grabbed some cheap craft glitter instead! I decided on a purple, teal, and holographic silver trio. I love this color combo!
 I did put a base color of Wet n Wild Black Creme down first, then used a non-fast dry clear coat to give the glitter something to stick to. Laying down the pattern itself was pretty easy! I started with the silver band closest to the base of the nail, then worked out from there in both directions.

 After I finished my left hand, I was running out of time for my right. I did only a partial pattern, and actually like how that worked too! With this, I only did one series of silver-blue-purple, then ran a single line of repeating pattern down the center.
 Because the glitter wasn't solvent resistant, I thought I would try to prevent bleeding by using the same water-based clear gloss varnish I use to prevent foils from wrinkling. It did work, but had the odd side effect of turning the purple glitter into a UV-reactive glitter that glowed bright orange!
So weird! I would love to know what was going on there. It was still normal purple in regular light!

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