Monday, April 13, 2015

Day 13: Magic!

 I decided to go the nerdy route and instead of being esoteric and mystical for the 'magic' prompt, I went with mana symbols from the Magic: The Gathering card game. It's still one of my favorite games!
 I actually started this by putting down the bright base color for each symbol. Starting from my thumb: green Essence The Green & The Grunge, blue Color Club Chelsea Girl, yellow Morgan Taylor Doo Wop, red Revlon China Flower, and white China Glaze White on White.
 I then used a small brush and some black acrylic paint to draw out each design. The environments on each were done in acrylic paint as well. I debated on whether or not to match the source image and do black for the rest of the nail or try something more ambitious, but I rather like the start contrasting effect.
Colors Used:
Essence The Green & The Grunge
Color Club Chelsea Girl
Morgan Taylor Doo Wop
 Revlon China Flower
 China Glaze White on White

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