Sunday, April 5, 2015

Day 5: Traditional Easter Eggs

 I love the design of traditional easter eggs or 'pyansky'. I've always wanted to actually learn how to do the wax and dye designs. I figure painting nails inspired by them is the next best thing!
 I know I didn't pick the most traditional designs, but I wanted bright colors for Easter. No stamping here, these were entirely hand painted! Scroll down to see the actual eggs I based these on. Because of the detail scale quite a bit of this was done in acrylic paint.. However, I still used nail polish for the base and some details.
 For the polish colors, I used Sally Hansen New Wave Blue (thumb),  China Glaze Gaga for Green with some OPI Don't Talk Bach To Me (Index), Morgan Taylor Doo Wop (Middle), Sinful Colors Black on Black (Ring), and Sally Hansen Pacific Blue sponged with Essie Where's my Chauffer (Pinkie).

The rest of the patterns were painted with various acrylic paints. It was just too small to work with thicker polish!

Colors Used:
Sally Hansen New Wave Blue
 China Glaze Gaga for Green
 OPI Don't Talk Bach To Me
 Morgan Taylor Doo Wop
 Sinful Colors Black on Black
 Sally Hansen Pacific Blue
 Essie Where's my Chauffer

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