Monday, April 27, 2015

Day 26: Fly Me to the Moon

 Whew, after a busy week I desperately needed a break. I did do nails for both the 24th and 25th (Nightmare and Dream themes, respectively) but they really didn't turn out the way I wanted. So I decided to just take a bit of a much-needed rest instead of redoing them, though I may put something together after the challenge is over.
 Anywho! Today's theme was 'Inspired by a Song', and I happened to have Sinatra playing so I figured any excuse for space-themed nails was a good one. I started with Zoya Payton, since I haven't tried starting galaxy nails with purple before. I then sponged on some Sephora by OPI White Hot, and then sponged Zoya Dream in sections overlapping the white and purple both. I wanted a bit more bright blue, so I added a bit of Fing'rs The Boys In Blue.
 I then used more White Hot to add the moon and the rocket with exhaust trail. Using a bit of acetone and Zoya Loredana I added shading to the moon. I think it didn't turn out half bad!
Colors Used:
Zoya Payton
 Sephora by OPI White Hot
 Zoya Dream
 Fing'rs The Boys In Blue
 Zoya Loredana

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  1. I really don't understand how you do this ridiculously awesome nonsense.


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