Friday, April 24, 2015

Day 23: Rainfall

 Whew, was zoning out this evening and almost forgot to post today's nails! The theme was 'Rain', which was an odd one for such a beautifully sunny day. Heh! I decided to try to mimic rainfall on a flat surface, and I think it turned out okay!
 For a good gray backdrop I chose Zoya Loredana, which is one of their matte velvet colors. I love this complex gray! I decided once again to use acrylic paint for the art, since it's faster and I figured it would do the rain effect more easily.
 I did a sort-of waterfall striping at the base of each nail using white acrylic paint in varying degrees of 'watered down' to change the translucency. I  then used a combination of dark gray and white paint to paint in the water splashes in a puddle on the tips of each nail. It made for an interesting effect!
Colors Used:
Zoya Loredana

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