Monday, April 20, 2015

Day 20: Forest

 The theme for today was 'Forest', so I decided to do a sort of backlit forest silhouette. It was fun! It looks best at a distance, as I was a little messy with the details and brush strokes are visible close up.
 I began with a background color of Maybelline Canary Cool, as it is one of my favorite beiges. I love that it leans slightly yellow. On  top of that, I layered a forest scene. I decided to use acrylic paints for this, mostly because I had them out and nearby. Woo!
 I started by putting in a light brown set of trees in the far background. I then added leaves in light green, followed by dark green leaves and branches. As a last touch, I decided to add a deer, some tiny birds, and a squirrel. The deer turned out decently enough!
Colors Used:
Maybelline Canary Cool
Acrylic Paints

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