Thursday, May 22, 2014

Chrome Gradient

I stopped by the store this week and was so excited to see the Sally Hansen Color Foils! I love super-shiny polish, and decided I had to pick up a few. They have a formula similar to OPI Push and Shove, but don't require the extra special base coat. I decided to try something a little less controlled than I normally do, and I ended up with this interesting experiment!
 I started with two coats of ORLY Saturated, which is a super intense purple. It dries matte, and dries quickly, so it was a bit of a challenge to get even coverage.
 Next, I dabbed blobs of the Color Foil on a piece of scrap foil, then dipped my fan brush in to pick up the gradient. I found this nifty fan brush that has sections of bristles removed, so it ends up with widely spaced stripes on one stroke. Starting from the base of the nail, the three color foils I used were Sally Hansen Purple Alloy, Minted Metal, and Liquid Gold.

Even over the matte neon purple, they easily dried to that super-chromey shine. Photos really can't do it justice!
Colors Used:
ORLY Saturated
Sally Hansen Purple Alloy
Sally Hansen Minted Metal
Sally Hansen Liquid Gold

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