Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Swatch - Icing Moon Blue

 Continuing the trend of photographing and featuring some untried polish, this is Icing Moon Blue. I really do love Icing's polish selection, and they generally are running at least a Buy One, Get on 50% Off sale.This was actually one I nabbed in the clearance section for cheap, and I love it!

Icing Moon Blue is a rich dusty navy blue that almost leans slightly purple in the bottle. It is a great color, and I don't think I have another quite like it in my collection.

I was definitely impressed with application and finish on this one. It was opaque in two coats, though for these photos I used three. It's a bit of a thicker polish, and sort of reminds me of Icing's gel-like "Gelogic" line. Icing's new bottles have a nice, wide brush, and this applied really easily.

I love how shiny the finish was on this polish. I did not use topcoat for these photos - the polish is glossy enough on its own that you can almost see my camera in the reflection!

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