Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dance Legend Knight

 Sorry about all of the swatch posts lately, but I couldn't wait til Sunday to post this one! I finally dived in to the indie pool and ordered some polish from Dance Legend. It took nearly 60 days to arrive from Russia, but it was totally worth it!

This is Dance Legend Knight, a limited edition color in their Chameleon multichrome line. I loved what I saw in photos online, and in person it was beyond amazing.

These photos are two layers of Knight over Sinful Colors Black on Black. It would be fine in two or three coats on its own, but I wanted to boost it a little and conserve all that I could.
 Knight shifts all the way from a blue pewter to green to gold to reddish bronze. The range of color is amazing! It doesn't take much of an angle change to suddenly be showing an entirely different color!
 I was impressed with the finish, too! I did have more brush strokes and a few bubbles on my right hand (not pictured) but my left hand had barely any visible brush strokes.

Here's a tiny animated clip, because I cannot get enough of how awesome this polish is!

Dance Legend is a Russian polish available through their website.

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