Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Real Royal

 Now that I have my polish collection spreadsheet complete, I decided to use it and a random number generator to occasionally select colors for me. I occasionally catch myself re-using old favorites out of habit.

This time, the generator chose Sally Hansen Real Royal. This is a polish I snagged at BigLots quite a while ago. It is a lovely deep chocolate brown with subtle coppery shimmer. The first coat is really streaky, but it does layer to full coverage in three coats. Two might be passable, but I preferred the look of three.

On the downside, the brush was really narrow, and combined with the streakiness, it was hard to get smooth, even coats. It also had a horrendous drying time - it was dry to the touch fairly quickly, but it took at least an hour to truly set so that harder pressure wouldn't mar it.

 I was still in a glitter mood, so to add some shine I first topped this polish with Zoya Maria Luisa. I love this gold flakie! It does get a little drowned out in this final photos, but it's still visible on the tips.
 At the same time, my new box from Zoya arrived, bringing me Zoya Lux! I added a glitterfall using the bottle brush, first by dabbing in half moons, then by brushing polish off all but the edges of the brush and laying that across each nail. It actually did a decent job creating falling streaks!
 Lastly, I tried to catch a photo using windowlight to show the holographic sparkle of Lux. It is such a lovely polish!
 Colors Used:
Sally Hansen Real Royal
Zoya Maria Luisa
Zoya Lux

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