Wednesday, May 28, 2014


 Today I decided to just enjoy a polish that was begging to be tried, and I held off doing much in the way of embellishments. I love it!
 First off, I wanted to try a polish that Garnet of The Nail Rainbow had gifted me. OPI Ink is a wonderfully shifty dark purple that moves from a warm to cool purple depending on the lighting. I knew I wanted to try a dark base today, but I wanted something with a little more life than flat black. This worked amazingly well!
 The magical flakie topper is Dance Legend 603, and it is like a broken rainbow in a bottle. I only used one coat on each nail to get a huge splash of color! I have seen photos where people used more than one coat for more of a full coverage mosaic, but I was in love with the more scattered effect. These flakes shift from orange and blue all the way to green and yellow, and just look amazing.

I did decide to throw in a long diamond stud as an accent, and for a little extra fun I changed it from standard gold to a bright orange by painting it with a little ORLY What's the Password?
Colors Used:
Dance Legend 603
ORLY What's the Password?

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