Friday, May 23, 2014

Totally Teal

I love finding surprisingly awesome polish in places like Claire's and Icing. There are definitely some under-appreciated treasures! I've had this glitter sitting in my collection for a bit, and now that I've tried it, I'm in love!
 To begin, I used two coats of Ulta Dance Teal Dawn, which is a gorgeous dark teal with a subtle shimmer. I love this shade of teal! The downside to this polish was that it is a staining monster. I had both base coat and strengthener under this, and still I had a slight bit of staining on my nail bed. My cuticles were nightmare to clean up! Still, part of me thinks it's almost worth it for the awesome color.
 The glitter I used is Claire's Mardi Gras. The name surprised me, as I mentally picture Mardi Gras to always include purple, though that could just be me. The glitter is a mix of teal hex glitter, yellow-gold square glitter, large white hexes and bars, and a scattering of small white and teal glitters in a clear base. I love the base for this, it's just the perfect thickness to pick up a good amount of glitter. I was almost able to just swipe this glitter on with the brush, though I did dab a little to get good color spacing.

As an extra touch, I added little glittery teal studs that conveniently matched the glitter to my index and pinkie nails. I then grabbed a few squares from Mardi Gras to accent those nails. So shiny!
Colors Used:
Ulta Dance Teal Dawn
 Claire's Mardi Gras

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