Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Swirly Blues

After swatching out Morgan Taylor Rhythm and Blues on Sunday, I really wanted to play with it more! This was the result of me just having fun with whatever came to mind, and  I love it!

 Since I already had Morgan Taylor Rhythm and Blues on my nails, I pulled out my striping tape and placed it haphazardly across each nail. Next, I painted over the nail with OPI Alpine Snow, then carefully removed the striping tape.
 I also wanted to test Rhythm and Blues as a stamping polish, so I used a swirly design from Pueen plate 46 to contrast with the lines from the striping tape. It worked wonderfully! As a little extra touch, I decided to tint sections blue using Sally Hansen Ice Tint from the Palm Beach Jellies collection. I actually think the tinty topcoats are rather fun!
Colors Used:
Morgan Taylor Rhythm and Blues
OPI Alpine Snow
Sally Hansen Ice Tint
Pueen 46

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